The Quarry Project Style Guide

What is it?

The Quarry Project Style Guide is an effort to establish consistent style for US Masonic writers and publishers—of periodicals, books, and websites. The guide gives direction on source citation, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, numbers, abbreviations, quotations, tables, figures, and format.

This guide is based on “Chicago style,” as presented in Kate L. Turabian, A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations, 8th ed. Users of the Quarry Project Style Guide also need a copy of that book. (Be sure not to use Turabian’s lower-level book, Student’s Guide to Writing College Papers.)

How can I get it?

Download it here: Quarry Project Style Guide

Who’s using it?

The following periodicals, book publishers, and other organizations have adopted the guide. Some have issued their own supplements. When you write for a specific publisher, be sure to use its supplement, if any. This list will be updated often.

The Journal of the Masonic Society In Progress
Scottish Rite Journal In Progress
Heredom In Progress
Knight Templar Magazine In Progress
Book Publishers
Macoy Publishing and Masonic Supply
Cornerstone Book Publishers
Lodge of Research of New Mexico In Progress
Dwight L. Smith Lodge of Research U.D., Grand Lodge of Indiana
Collegivm Lvminosvm, Rhode Island Lodge of Research
Maine Lodge of Research
Pennsylvania Lodge of Research

How can I ask questions or make comments? How can my organization adopt the guide?

Please forward all inquiries regarding the style guide to